Monday, September 8, 2008

Trust in the Lord & Squeaker Shoes

Today Peyton went to KDO. His teacher told me he only cried for 5 minutes when I dropped him off instead of the 30 that he did last week. He went on to have a wonderful day playing with his friends. He even came home with the Super Star Award for today. When we were on our way home, I asked him what was his favorite part of school and he said playing with blocks. Then I went on and asked him what he learned today and he said, "Trust in the Lord." I was so proud he actually told me something he learned. Normally he just tells me the activities he did. I pray he will always remember to trust in the Lord no matter what may happen in life.

On another note, GiGi bought Parker his first pair of Squeaker Shoes. They are so cute! We found them at Monday's Child today. Good thing the squeaker can come out of the shoe. I can see where they might get annoying. Peyton thought these shoes were hilarious when we tried them on this afternoon.

Okay, I had to put the video that is below on here because it's funny. I promise he wasn't hurt although I think this could be the start of a law suit against the new shoes. I do know an awesome lawyer in town. J/K.

Thanks GiGi and Poppy for the squeaker shoes and all the fun they provided for my boys today!


Ben and Kristen said...

I didn't know the squeaker came out of those things. Every time I looked at them I thought they were so cute but would never buy them because I could not handle the squeaking.

Courtney Hudson said...

Love the videos! Parker's shoes are too cute/funny. And that Peyton, his laugh is sooo contagious. He's laughing on that video just like the night he and I were driving around in my car & he was honking the horn every 2 seconds. CUTE!

Jill said...

I seriously watched that last video five times and laughed out loud every time! That made my day! :)

I don't know if Peyton's teachers talked about Trust in the Lord or not, but that's one of the songs we do for Miss Jilly Bean time. I'll have to show it to you so you can do it with him. In fact, you can go online to her website and download a video of her singing the song and doing the motions to that one. It's the Kingdom Kids Club. Goggle that and see if it comes up with anything. Kim Norton is the founder. Peyton would probably love to watch it too!