Monday, December 22, 2008

Lots of pictures from State Championship week

As you already know, Shiloh won state this year again. I wanted to go ahead and post some pictures from the fun weekend we had in Little Rock while I had a chance. I was afraid if I waited till after Christmas I would get too far behind in blogging. We had a blast and a wonderful season! God has shown so much favor on this special football team. Here are many pictures from that week.

The girls eating at P.F. Changs in Little Rock for Courtney's birthday lunch, the day before the big game. Yum-o! We spent the rest of the afternoon Christmas shopping. I love these girls! (Left to right: Laci holding Jackson, McKale, Me, Courtney, Michele and Ashton. --my boys were with GiGi & Poppy most of this day, it was a nice break for me.)
Peyton and I on the field before the game waiting for the team to run out.

Peyton watching the team warm up in his Chicago Bears helmet. Wrong team, but atleast it's navy.

Poppy giving Peyton some football tips.
Josh coaching.
Parker looking for his Daddy.

Meredith and I holding our tired babies, Peyton & Reese during the game. They both slept through the most exciting part of the game, the second quarter.

This was the picture that was in the papers. I love it!
State Champs!
Josh came over to shake my Papa's hand after the game was over. How sweet!
Josh talking to the team afterwards.

Thanking God for the victory.

Go Saints!

Our family with trophy.

The following Monday Shiloh had a pep rally celebrating the big win. Here are most of the coaches.
Tucker and Josh goofing off.
Angela and I wanted our picture taken but Matt snuck his face in too. Ha.

Josh talking to the school.
Right after the pep rally was over Josh, Courntey, D and I hopped back in the car and headed back to Little Rock to the Hooten's Award Ceremony. One of the Shiloh players and Josh were up for awards. On the way down it started icing and it took us five hours to get to Little Rock. It was crazy. We made it only for the last thirty minutes of the ceremony. Since the roads were so bad we had to spend the night. This is how we spent the next couple of the car trying to get back home. However, we did manage to do some Christmas shopping while we were in town.
The co-pilot...Josh.
The captin..."D".
Tons and tons of traffic was moving slowly, inch by inch. One time when we tried to get out of town it took us two hours to move only six miles! People were completely stopped and getting out of their cars on the interstate because we weren't moving.
Lots and lots of accidents on the interstate.
We ended up staying two night in Little Rock and finally coming home on Wednesday because of such bad accidents and traffic from the ice storm. A big thanks to Nana and Grandaddy who kept the boys for us three days!
I hope everyone has a wonderful time celebrating Jesus' birthday! Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Shiloh won State!

I don't have much time, but wanted to post this from one the papers today. I'll upload more pictures soon from our fun weekend! Way to go Daddy, we love you!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Another trip to the Rock!

Friday night Shiloh beat Osceola so now we are playing in the 4A state championship game this Saturday in Little Rock! I am so proud of our players and coaches! They've had a wonderful season and we are hoping to end it with the state title for 2008. This week we will be very busy but I don't mind being so busy when it involves getting ready for the state game! Here's some pictures from last Friday night. I took most of them with my iphone and everything seemed to be happening so fast they were mostly blurry. Parker stayed home with a sitter so we could actually watch the game instead of chasing around a one year old the whole time. For Peyton, the highlight of the game was at the end when the players poured water on Josh. Peyton thought it was so funny. Saturday morning I caught him with a water bottle spraying water on Parker's head. His excuse was, "He told me he wanted to get wet like Daddy for winning the game." Hmm..., I doubt Parker said that since he can't really talk yet.

I love this next picture of Josh
kissing Peyton right after the
game. Peyton is always so
proud of him and runs directly
towards his Daddy on the field
when the game is over.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Boys with Santa

What a difference a year can make! Last year, Peyton screamed at the sight of Santa or if we were just strolling by his "house" at the mall. Regretfully, we never made the stop to see Santa so this was Parker's first year to sit on his lap. However, this year Peyton LOVED sitting on Santa's lap and talking to him. He told him what his tree at home had on it and about the presents he and his brother wanted for Christmas. Parker did good too. He just looked at him long enough for me to snap a few pictures and then he was ready to get off. He never cried just a few, "uh,uh" while pointing for someone to pick him up. Here are the pictures below.

I love this one...

Peyton would have stayed all day if I would have let him...