Sunday, September 14, 2008

Baby Eli & girl's night

After I picked the boys up from KDO on Thursday, Blaire brought baby Eli over. They loved having "baby Lee-li", as Peyton calls him, at their house. He's such a sweet baby and SO adorable! Look how long he already is at only 3 weeks old. I think he's going to have Caleb's height for sure!

After staying at the house for a bit we all loaded up and met McKale, Carter and Courtney at P.F. Changs. (We missed you Laci.) I'm so blessed to have these fun girls to hang out with while our husbands are working so much during this time of year. We were going to go to Shiloh's Jr. High game after dinner but since it started raining we decided to stay in Rogers and shop while our hubby's were still coaching. I found some cute things at Gymboree including some cowboy boots to give to Peyton for his birthday next week. I can't believe he's almost three! Three just dosen't sound so little to me.


Melissa Conaway said...

I sure do miss you girls!!!

Courtney Hudson said...

Had fun the other night! Missed ya the way if ya wanna try to do that again on thursday since there is another jrhigh game in town let me know! Hope you are feeling better (Parker too)

Superchikk said...

Three? Gosh, he is growing up fast. It seems like he was born just last week! He's a cutie pie, too.

Hope you and Parker are feeling better! We found out C has a virus that he's getting over. Thank goodness!