Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring Break Skiing

Last week my parents took our family to Park City, Utah. This was Peyton and Parker's first year to ski. I think my Dad had been dreaming of this day since Peyton and Parker were born. My brother and I started skiing when we were the boys ages and he couldn't wait to get his grandsons on the slopes too.

Our little family picture at the bottom of the slopes.

Peyton and Parker spent the first two days in ski school. Here they are on the magic carpet ride.

While Peyton and Parker were in ski school, Josh and I were were able to ski with my Dad, Rick and Jessica. My Mom volunteered to stay with Jack at the house. We had a lot of fun together!
Josh and I about to ski down with the boys for the first time on day three of the trip.

Peyton had no fear at all. (I was very thankful for helmets this trip!) He would laugh all the way down and if he fell he would just laugh even harder. He had a blast.

Uncle Rick, Peyton and Josh skiing to the lift line.

I think this may have been Parker's favorite part of the day...the hot chocolate breaks on the mountain. He liked skiing but after his second run down the slopes he would start asking for hot chocolate.

I was so thankful for all of Nana's help this week with Jack! She's such a great Nana to the boys.

Peyton loved to start snowball fights.

Parker was not in the mood for pictures or snow ball fights at this moment, he just wanted to get on the lift. :)

Josh, Jessica, Rick and I.

We had a lot of fun but it was also a lot of work, traveling with three kids and skiing with two small kids. The boys loved spending extra time with their grandparents, Uncle Rick and Aunt Jessica. We can't wait to do it again! But now I am really ready for spring and warmer weather!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

First Time Visitor

Last Friday, Peyton was at GiGi and Poppy's house. Josh and I had gone to dinner with friends from our church. And when we came to pick him up later that night, he had a surprise for us. He had finally decided to pull his loose tooth by himself! It had been hanging by a thread all week. He was so proud of himself.

He wanted to take a picture of himself with my camera too.

That night the Tooth Fairy came to visit the Floyd House for the first time! She left a few dollars under his pillow and he was so excited. Now Peyton tells me the tooth beside it is loose. I can't believe we are already to this phase in his life. He is getting so big! As much as I want him to stay five forever, I find that each new stage is so much fun!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Brotherly Love

My boys keep me on my toes at all times, all three of them. It makes it hard at times but I still wouldn't trade it for the world! I love them a ton. I especially love to hear my big boys laughing, playing ball and just talking together. They do that a lot. However, it's not always so pretty between Peyton and Parker. There are fights. BIG fights. But one thing I've learned about boys is they get over things quickly. Sometimes, so quickly I have to laugh because I am not that way. I need to work on that more.

Anyway, couple weeks ago had been one of those day....with a few fights in it. And this is how I found them when I went to check on them before I went to bed.

Still after our crazy day, they wanted to be together and Peyton had snuck into Parker's bed. It made me smile and thankful that they have each other.

The next day I went into Jack's room while he was suppose to be napping and I found this happy boy playing and to my surprise pulling up. I had to grab my camera. I caught this smile as his brother's were walking into his room. He was so proud of himself.

The next day we lowered the crib. =)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Nine Months & Snow Pictures

This cute little guy is turning 9 months old today!

I can't believe he will be ONE in just a few short months! He is a joy and his laid back, happy personality fits perfectly into our family.

Nine month facts about our Jack-Jack:

-Weighs 19 pounds. (25th percentile)
-26.8 inches long. (10th percentile, love that I finally have a little guy.)
-Wears size 3 diapers.
-Wears size 6-12 month and a few 12-18 month old clothes.
-Bedtime is around 7:00pm, wakes up at 7:30am and you sleep all night. (PTL!)
-Eats bottles every 3-4 hours.
-Eats baby food 3 times a day.
-Learning to eat puffs and crackers and drink juice from a sippy cup but mainly just wants to play with them.
-Crawling, pulling up and can stand for 1-2 seconds before you fall.
-Waves bye-bye.
-Can say Mama, Dada, Bubba, Nana and when you eat baby food you say "Ma" for more when we don't get your food fast enough to your mouth.
-His favorite entertainment is to watch his brothers play.
-Right now he is getting over ear infections, pink eye, cold, cough and fever. Last night he slowly started feeling better. Can't wait to get you feeling back to your old self again!

Catching up with snow pictures...

Last month we received 20 inches of snow within one day! I've lived here my whole life and never seen this much snow in NWA. The boys really enjoyed it despite the freezing cold temperatures. We stayed out long enough just to snap a few pictures.