Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thursday Night Football

Tonight during Shiloh's Jr. High game I took these pictures with GiGi's phone. It was the perfect weather to be sitting outside talking with friends and enjoying some football. Of course it's was mainly perfect because we won! Go Jr. High Saints!

Isn't this so sweet? The moment didn't last long so I had to be quick with the iphone.

Silly Parker playing on the steps with the big kids.

Yes, Peyton was cheering for Shiloh tonight even
though he wore the other team's color. Oops, my fault.


Anonymous said...

Just what I needed to see!!! Missing you all! See you soon.
Love you, Mom

Courtney Hudson said...

well, too bad we didnt get a naked picture of Peyton last night! He's too funny. Look how big Parker (Carker) looks in that pic of him on the steps! See ya tonight

Josh & Kate said...

Ha- I think I can do with out the ones without his shirt on. Crazy kid! See ya in a bit.