Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Santa Party

Our friends hosted a "Santa party" at their house a couple nights ago. We had a fun eating desserts, drinking hot chocolate and being with friends. The kids also enjoyed a special visit from Santa himself!

Peyton said, "I know he is the real Santa because he told me he'd see me on Christmas Eve." So funny. Santa brought each kid an early Christmas gift that was on their list. Thank you Smiths for a wonderful night.

Earlier that day Peyton and Parker shot a video for our church's Christmas Eve services. I told the boys this by doing this video they are helping people know the real meaning of Christmas.

Although all the Santa stuff is fun, my prayer is my boys will always remember the true meaning of Christmas and enjoy celebrating Jesus' birthday each year.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Family Update

Well, I'm back! I haven't forgotten about my blog, just been super busy with life. So here's an update from our family. I tried to just highlight a few things that I don't want to forget but that was just really hard to do.

At the end of July, we went to Destin with Josh's family. All the cousins had so much fun playing together. It was so windy the day we took this picture, hence my hair going everywhere!

One evening on the beach with my crazy little family.

In August, Parker turned four. He's always had family parties at home but this year we celebrated at Chuck E. Cheese. Josh and I think this was the happiest day of his life. He literally had a big smile on his face the entire day!

Peyton and Parker in the ticket blaster.

Thanks to his four awesome grandparents, Parker finally got his blue four wheeler he had wanted for a long time. He LOVES this thing!!! (and so do his two other brothers-ha!)

Peyton started kindergarden! Seriously, where has time gone?!? He's doing great and loving his teacher and his friends.

Parker started K4 at Shiloh and goes three days a week. He is loving it and feels so big to be at the same school that Peyton goes to and where Daddy coaches.

Jack started his second year of KDO at our church. He loves it and so does Mommy. ;)

In September, Peyton turned SIX! He had a bowling party at Fast Lanes and had a blast! He just seems so big and grown up now.

On his birthday, I took football cookies from a local bakery and we passed them out to his class during lunch. Love this sweet boy to pieces!

Josh and I before we headed out the door to a Razorback game. So thankful to have him as my best friend and Daddy to our kids!

Both Peyton and Parker played soccer this fall and did awesome. Peyton's team was called Dynamite.

This was Parker's first year and he was on the Purple Squirrels, such a funny name!

Jack was such a trooper through all their practices and games. He would play soccer or look for airplanes. Love this sweet little guy.

We took the big boys to a couple of the Razorback games and they had a blast.

After the Arkansas/Auburn game, we got to see Kiehl (Josh's QB at Shiloh last year). The boys love Kiehl and miss seeing him around this year. He's always so good to my kids.

Peyton and Parker their with friends at a Shiloh football game. These boys have a so much fun together in the stands.

Peyton and his buddies at a Shiloh game. A friend took this picture and I LOVE it!!

Halloween 2011. Peyton dressed up as his Daddy-a Shiloh football coach, Parker-Shiloh player, and Jack was a ref. We did lots of trick or treating and went to our church's carnival and they ate way too much candy.

My handsome cowboy at his Kindergarden Round Up program in November.

Parker was Soaring Eagle in his Thanksgiving program.

Eddie, our Elf on the Shelf, is back for the third year. He is spreading all kinds of Christmas cheer around the house again and the boys are loving it. Even Jack looks for Eddie in the mornings and gets so excited to see him.

I hope to not be away from the blog very long from now. You would think I would learn it's much easier to keep this up if I wouldn't get so far behind. See you soon! ;)

Friday, July 22, 2011

Sprinkler Fun

One of the Peyton and Parker's favorite things to do in the summer is to play in the sprinkler. We normally turn them on after dinner so we can wear them out close to bedtime. :) Plus, it's way too hot to go outside very much during the day unless we are in a pool.

Jack doesn't care much for the sprinklers. For the most part he just walks around on the sidewalk and watches his brothers play or put his hands over the sprayers. Sometimes he'll walk in the grass for a second and that's plenty for him.

Whatever my boys do, somehow a football is normally involved before it's all over.

I can't believe July is already half way over! It's going by way too fast.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Peyton's Tball

Peyton played tball for the first time this summer. He loved it!

His team name was the Bulls.

Batting and running the bases was his favorite part of the game.

Sweet brothers.

Jack loved exploring the ballpark.

Peyton and his buddy Chi.

Our friends the Harris' came to watch a game and Parker had so much fun with Jackson and Cooper.

Peyton got the "game ball" one night for playing well. He batted a double and played second base that night.

Poppy (Josh's Dad), Grandaddy (my Dad), and Josh with our little all-star.

I'm so proud of this guy! (Can you tell he loves that Frogg Togg around his neck? Ha. He thought it was a must for each game to keep him cool.)

Peyton and Coach Moe.

Thanks to all our family and friends that came and cheered Peyton on this summer!

Monday, July 11, 2011


After the beach we headed to Sebring, FL. Our sister-in-law Meredith's, parents live there. Nick, Meredith and their kids were visiting at the time. So we decided to drive and see them while we were in the area. It was so much fun and great to see her parents. We had a blast swimming, playing in the creek and exploring their farm on the their big gator.

Peyton and cousin Reese.

Parker and Reese.

Peyton flying high.

Jack loved splashing around.

Early the next morning we surprised Peyton, Parker and Reese and took them to Disney World for the day! Peyton and Parker were shocked because they didn't even know they were so close to Disney World at the time. It was so much fun surprising them. Meredith's sweet parents volunteered to keep Jack and Beckham at their house for the day while we were gone.

Fun day with the big boys.

Josh and Peyton on the Toy Story ride. This was their favorite ride when we went in January.

Josh and his brother, Nick, watching a show on the castle with the kids.

It was a great day and a perfect way to end our long road trip. The next day we made it back to Arkansas after surviving the long trip home. We had a wonderful time away but it was nice to be back in our own beds.