Thursday, February 21, 2008

Surgery, ear infection & moving!

A lot has happend around the Floyd house since I last posted and I don't really know where to begin. My head still seems to be spinning from everything.

First off, I had hernia surgery last week. At first I was like, it will be no big deal and I'll be right back to normal. YA RIGHT! I'm stilll hobbling around the house and pretty much instructed from my doctor to do nothing for 5 more weeks. Which includes not picking up the kids. Not sure how much longer that can last! I guess this surgery ended up being a bigger deal than I had planned on. I came out with ten incisions and a pain pump connected to me. When the doctor was in there he also had to repair one that was supposed to be fixed last August but that patch never worked. So he had two to fix. Anyway, I ended up having to stay in the hospital for a night. All to find out 3 days later that my pain pump wasn't even working. No wonder it hurt so bad. I had never hurt so bad in my life. I should have known something wasn't right. I'm doing better now and can actually walk by myself. Josh has been awesome through all this. He has been a great nurse even while having a very busy week at work, hiring two new football coaches to his staff. He's shown a lot of patience and I appreciate him so so much!

Yesterday, Gigi, Josh's Mom, had to pick up Parker and take him to the doctor. It turns out he has an earfection. Poor baby. I knew something wasn't right with him. He is normally the happiest baby ever and the past few days something just hasn't been right with him. He is also teething really bad right now and drooling everywhere! Pray for our sweet Parker.

Since our life was already stressful enough around here to make it even worse we are moving tomorrow!! Yes, moving. My Mom has been here the past 2 weeks waiting on me hand and foot and also packing up our house. Words can't express how much I appreciate my Mom, she's been great. I'll have to post some new pictures of our house when I can get to the camera. I love it and we are so excited. It's not very far at all from where we live, in fact it's just down the road.. It's a new subdivision and we are so excited to have more room around here and even go swimming in the neighborhood pool this summer. Peyton is also excited to have a play room. I am too so maybe we won't have as many toys hanging out in our living room.

Anyway, this past week, in the midst of all our stress, we have been truly blessed with our family and friends. They have helped so much!!! Everything from helping pack up the house, watching the boys, providing meals, the list really could go on and on. God has blessed us with the best family and friends anyone could ask for. Thank you all so much. And please keep praying for us, especially as we close on our house and move tomorrow.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Parker Thomas...

I took Parker today for his 6th month appointment. He passed with flying colors. He's loving his "solid" foods, rolling over like crazy and found his feet this week. Peyton went with us this time because I wanted to show him that he doesn't have to be afraid and cry every time we go. They both were great. Peyton even brought his own cookie monster stethascope to show the doctor. Parker was in the 50% for both heigth and weight. He was 26 1/2 inches long and 17 lb 2oz. I checked Peyton's baby book and it says he was 26 1/2 inches long and weighed 17 lb 4oz. I guess little 6 lb 1 4 oz Parker (at birth) caught up to his big 9 lb 8 oz (at birth) brother Peyton by 6 months. Below is a picture of the two after their bath tonight.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Birthday fun!

Last week I turned 26. So Josh and I went out with some of our friends the Kennedy's, Slaughter's, and Neufeld's. Zach's birthday was two days before Matt and I's so we all celebrated the same night. We got sitters for the kids and went to the new Shogun (yes, that included strobe lights, standing on our chairs while everyone clapped and sang Happy Birthday and some great fried rice.) Then after all that we went back to the Kennedy's for some dessert and games. We love to play games together! It was a great evening and full of laughter. Thank you guys for making it so special! Here are some pictures.
The boys...
I love these girls...
Not sure what was going on here...
Happy Birthday to us!
Tomorrow I'm taking Parker to his 6th month check up and I'll post more with his stats. :)

Friday, February 1, 2008

Peyton story

Have you ever had one of those moments where your child really embarrasses you? We've had a few along the way but for us this one sure topped all of our previous ones. First off, Peyton is not potty trained but we are fixing to start working on it. He's at the point where he always tells us after he's done his buisness. Anyway, for all of you that know Peyton, know he is not at all a shy little boy. He is 100% all boy, rough, rowdy, always on the go and loves to entertain a crowd. Well, yesterday Josh and I went to order our new living room furniture at Bassett for our new house. My Mom was sitting in a chair by the entrance rocking Parker while Peyton was talking to her. Josh and I were near the back placing our furniture order. Mom said Peyton looked at her and said, "I go potty, Nana." Mom said, "Okay, let's go get Mommy." Then all the sudden before she could even get up, Peyton pulled down his pants around his ankles threw off his diaper and began running around the store naked while laughing. We heard Peyton but didn't know what he was doing so Josh took off to find him. We knew it didn't sound good. We soon reliezed what he was doing. We were so embarressed!! All the people in the store were of course laughing at him but at the time I wasn't too happy. Anyway, now we can laugh at it and hope he will NEVER do that again. I'm just glad that he didn't actually decide to go to the bathroom on any of the furniture in the store. That would have been really bad. Oh the joy of boys...!

Fun in the snow!

During Parker's morning nap we took Peyton out to play in the snow to build a snowman. I had his eyes (mini football helments), nose and ears (graham cracker sticks), and a Chicago Bears helmet all picked out for us to put on the snowman. But all Peyton wanted to do was run through the pile of snow that we would push together. Maybe next year Peyton will have more interst in building a snowman instead of tearing one down. We still had fun playing in the snow.

Parker woke up from his nap so I took him outside for a quick picture.