Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I've been tagged..

My friend, Robyn, tagged me. So here it goes:

1. I like going to the dentist to get my teeth clean. I feel sqeaky clean afterwards and love it!

2. In the last five years, we lived in three different neighborhoods, all off the same street, and within a mile of each other...Port Haven, Brandon's Way, & now Tuscany. (We love the area and the neighbors we've met along the way!)

3. I have passed over twenty kidney stones in my life. It still hurts just thinking about it.

4. Josh and I went to the same school since 6th grade but didn't start dating until the end my senior year of high school.

5. I had food poisening from eating a soft taco eight years ago and haven't eaten one since.

6. My kids and I were born at the same hospital in Fayetteville (WRMC), just two different locations.

7. I've only missed two of my husbands High School football games that he has coached in for the past five seasons. (One, I had just given birth to Peyton and the other because Parker and I were both sick. And yes, I really do love going every week and hate to miss out on the fun.)

Now I tag:

Courtney, Blaire, Meredith, Alicia, Melissa C., Melissa S., & Jill

Happy Blogging Everyone! ;)


Sara said...

Kate: I love soft tacos and now that I read that...I will always think about it! I think Grant and I are coming up for the game-- See you Friday!

Annie said...

thanks for tagging the same people as me!!! guess I should have read yours first... :-)

Ben and Kristen said...

Where in the world did that soft taco come from and how did you know that was what made you sick?

Josh & Kate said...

It was a taco from Acambaro. I also will haven't been back since my experience there. I know it was from that taco bcs I saw the meat was pretty pink but that it might have been cooked well enough to not make me sick but, boy, was I wrong. I really thought I was going to die that night. It drives Josh crazy bcs when we are out to eat I always have him check my food to make sure it is cooked well before I will take a bite. I know I'm weird.

The Bertram's said...

Savy and Ava are friends from BSF. Charity and I were in the same group and did a bible study together this summer as well. They are a great family - I just love them. Savy is tooo cute - her and Peyton make a cute couple! They would have tiny kids - too cute. I love it. I would love to get the kiddos together to play sometime. Let me know what times work for you.