Thursday, October 28, 2010


Here is just a little bit of what the Floyd crew has been up to...

Lots of Shiloh games to cheer on our Daddy and the Saints. Parker with his buddy Jackson.

We've been to the last two Hog home games. The boys LOVE going!

Jack stayed home with Nana. Thanks Nana! And thank you Poppy and Gigi for our tickets.

Peyton enjoying the doughnut shop.

Jack has started enjoying his this. (He was giggling so hard his paci fell out. I love his baby giggle!)

The boys went to pick put pumkins with Nana for her house.
Boys dancing to All I do Is Win at the last Hog game.

Boss Hog doing a headstand!

Us with our good friends Jimmy and Laci.

Josh's Dad has been the pastor of CrossChurch for 24 years! Here are the boys and cousin Reese before they presented flowers to Gigi and Poppy on stage during the church service.

Jack staying warm at the Junior High Shiloh game.

Peyton & Parker decorating cupcakes or "pupcakes" as Parker calls them.

They turned out pretty good.

One more sunglass lovin' boy Parkerman.

The boys are excited about their Halloween costumes this year. They both want to be Spiderman. Parker has been wearing his costume almost everyday for the past three of weeks at home (and one night at Mellow Mushroom because I was too tired to put up a fight about it at the time). And Peyton has had his hanging up in the laundry room since the day we bought it because he doesn't want his to get dirty. Ha. They are such opposites in personalities!


The Whiteley's said...

Love those pictures of Jack's huge smile!! He is such a cutie! He looks like such a happy baby! (Even though I know we parents dont take pictures of the tough times!!) Keep them coming, they brighten my day!

Ashley said...

Oh my goodness, I love all these pictures! You are blessed Kate. Those boys are to die for!

BIG HUGS, missin' ya! Maybe we can play a couples coffee night like last year! chad would love that!

Alissa and Jordan said...

Too Cute! I'm with ya in the costume department. We've already had to patch Batman. But Robin doesn't want his to get dirty.

Kari Beth said...

Elle and Parker have matching birthmarks!! Not sure why I'm just now realizing this! So sweet!