Friday, October 8, 2010

Our sweet Jack

Happy 4 Months sweet Jack!

You are learning all kinds of new tricks and changing daily!!
You love to spit bubbles with your mouth. You think it is very funny.
You found your feet this week and enjoy attempting to take your socks off.
You love to watch your brothers play.
They are normally right in your face and you don't mind one bit. You love the attention.
You can sleep through anything and can sleep anywhere. I hope you keep that up.
You can roll over but have trouble getting your arm out from under you which makes you upset.
You have loved your swing since you were born but lately you haven't enjoyed it as much. You would rather be in your bouncey seat or on your play mat.
This week you have started taking naps in your crib instead of the swing. You normally take 3 good naps during the day but sometimes cat nap in between.
You sleep all night in your bed and normally sleep 10-12 hours.
You are a laid back happy baby and we love you SO much!

Did I mention your brothers are CRAZY about you? They call you "little buddy" which makes me laugh every time I hear that name.

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Lindsey said...

Kate, he is just PRECIOUS!! All of your boys are! You have the most beautiful family!!! Love lil Jack's smile!!!