Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fall Fun and New Apple Recipe

Last week Gigi and Nana took the boys and I along with my sis in law Meredith and her kids Reese and Beck to the corn maze in Cave Springs. The kids wanted to go through the Razorback shaped corn maze first.
Peyton leading us through the kid's maze with the map.
Next we went to the petting zoo.

Then we loaded up on the cow train.

I rode too. ;) They said they needed some adults to ride in the back so Mom, Jeana, Meredith and all hopped on. It was SO bumpy but the kids loved it.

And we are off....

Parkerman practicing his driving skills after the ride was over.

Thank you Nana and Gigi for such a fun time! Let's make this a new tradition. Jack stayed home with Josh because he wasn't feeling well that day.

Last Sunday I made a new recipe and brought it for our small group at church. It was so good that I just had to share. It's perfect to make during fall.

Apple Crack Cobbler:
Preheat oven to 325 degrees.
Spray 9x13 dish with pam.
Spread two cans of apple pie filling on the bottom of your pan.
Mix together: one box of yellow cake mix (don't follow directions on the box), two sticks of butter that is softened, one cup of dark brown sugar and one teaspoon of cinnamon.
Spread the mixture evenly over the pie filling and top with 1 or 2 cups of chopped pecans (I leftsome of ours without pecans because Josh doesn't like them.)
Bake for 45 minutes or until brown on top.

Typing that out just maked me want to make it again! It'll definitely be a keeper in my recipe book. Yummy!

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