Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween 2010

This year I let the big boys decide what they wanted to be for Halloween and this is what they ended up with, Spiderman with muscles. Jack was a football player thanks to a shirt Peyton had from when he was a baby. :)

Thursday night we went to their school carnival and on Halloween we did lots of trick or treating.

Before we went trick or treating, Peyton and Parker carved a pumpkin with the help of Daddy.

Then we sat Jack inside it for a quick picture. He was the cutest little Jack-o-lantern!

After trick or treating the kids ended up with way to much candy for two little boys to eat. So I might have helped them eat a little, especially the little butterfingers. Those are always my favorite.

Parker story: (for me to remember for later on)
Wednesday morning, I was hurrying around our house trying to get the boys ready for their day. Peyton had school and I was about to leave to take Parker and Jack to 'Fit for Christ' childcare at our church. Well Parker kept asking me for his Halloween candy and I kept saying, "No candy till we get back home." It was about 7:30 in the morning at the time. A few minutes later, he comes to me with a mouth full of chocolate with some dripping down his chin about to drip on his clean shirt and says, "I ate a Reese's, do I get a spanking now?" Oh my word, I was mad. He will do anything for his all time favorite candy, Reese's Cups! Yes, he did get a spanking and a good talking too! Good thing I was able to go work out right after that and get all my frustration out and not let it ruin the rest of our day. Plus he is impossible to stay mad at for very long. His big smile and deep dimples get me every time. Gotta love my Reese's loving boy!


Katie said...

That picture of Jack is hilarious, Kate! Love it.

Angela said...

Poor little Parker, Mama. He just wanted a Reese's. Can't a kid get a break?

Just kidding. I would've done the same thing. : )

I absolutely love the picture of Mr. Jack in the pumpkin. Just too cute.

mrs shortcake said...

That's the ONLY smiling baby in a pumpkin picture I've seen this year. :) Cute!