Sunday, January 9, 2011

December in Pictures

We had Jack's baby dedication at church. (This isn't the greatest family pic but 4 our of 5 were looking so we're good-ha.)

We went to the Fayetteville square to see the lights a couple of times with family and friends. Boys loved the pony and camel rides.

Shiloh won state for the 3rd year in a row. We beat Pulaski Academy 61-40.
Peyton celebrating with Josh after the game.
Josh speaking to the team with Parker after the game.
Our family minus Jack. He was with a sitter that night.
Floyd boys with the trophy.
We got to see my Mama and Papa while we were in Little Rock for the state game.
Jack at is his 6th month checkup. He's 17 pounds and 25.6 inches long.
Josh and I with Parker at his school's Christmas party.
Josh and a few football players brought the trophy to Peyton's class for them to see.
Nana and Grandaddy took us all on the Polar Express train ride in Branson. Boys loved it and I think we've started a new Christmas tradition.
Jack on his first Christmas morning. All he wanted to do was eat his stocking. :)
We had a wonderful Christmas except for Josh. He woke up sick on Christmas morning. Luckily no one else got it. Peyton's favorite Christmas present was his Football guys, Parker's was his Buzz Light Year wings and his games and I think Jack's is all his new teething toys. I will post later this week with some Florida pictures. We just got back home from being gone 7 nights to Disney. We had a blast but I am so glad to get back into our normal routine and sleep in my own bed.


Anonymous said...

Your babies are so precious! Love your header! To, to cute! I too have 3 kiddos... Ava 6, Sarah-Tate 3 and Griffin 8 mths. Loved seeing the newborn in the green swaddle....seems so long ago since Griffin was that size!

Also, I love your bedspread! It is so nice! Love the colors!

Happy Tuesday!

Alli (

Alissa and Jordan said...

Love the pic of Jack and his stocking. Too cute!