Friday, March 5, 2010

Catching Up

Here are just a few things that we have been up to in the last week.

Peyton's been asking us to join him for lunch at school so I packed Parker's lunchbox and we headed up to Shiloh to meet Peyton and Josh. Parker always feels so big when he gets to see "Bubba's friends." These days, it's almost impossible to take a picture with them together without them making silly faces. I had really hoped for a much better picture this day. Maybe next time.
A couple days ago, Parker and I had lunch with some of my girlfriends at Jason's Deli. We get together about once a month and can have some girl time even with all our silly kids at the table. Here is Kelly, Harper, Ashley, Avery, Melissa, Julee, Jennifer and Brody. These are some of the sweetest girls you will ever meet.
Today, it was about 70 degrees outside. Parker insisted wearing this tank top all day which actually matched his shorts. He is really into dressing himself these days and I let him unless we are leaving the house. I could do a whole post on all his crazy mismatching outfits. But you gotta love him and this smile.
Peyton has learned to swing by himself. Here he is showing off his new skill in his favorite shirt that he thinks he has to wear everyday. I don't think I will be passing this striped shirt down to Parker just because I am so tired of seeing it.
Before we headed to Chick-fil-a today, I caught this child using the bathroom outside on a yellow painted line in our grass. I'm not sure why he thought it was necessary to take his underwear and shorts completely off but I guess this works. I'm so glad Parker is finally potty trained and I won't have two in diapers when #3 baby arrives. We're proud of you Parkerman!

It looks like tomorrow is going to be nice outside again and we're looking forward to enjoying the sunshine with Josh. Enjoy your weekend!


Ashley said...

OH MY GOSH!!! That pick of Parker is hilarious!!!!!! Can't get over it! LOVE HIM! He has got to be the cutest little boy ever! I loved eating lunch with him the other day!

Speaking of, you are one of the sweetest gals I know! Lunch was amazing. I love you so much!

Melissa said...

That is too funny! Just what I get to look forward too. Have a great weekend!

Lindsey Conrad - Nabors said...

That last pic CRACKS me up Kate - Pun intended!! ha ha ha!!! How funny!! SO glad he is potty trained too - for your sake and baby #3!

Hope you are feeling well! You look GREAT!!!

Love ya!!

The Slaughters said...

Parker's face in that first picture is HILARIOUS! Love that little guy.

Aimee Bryan said...

Starting to feel good and pregnant aren't ya! What a great time with friends, looks fun. Love the silly face pix. We mom's always hope for the "good" pix and I think that these are probably the good ones!

Lilly, Matt, and Sara said...

Ok, we are in MOPS together and I kept seeing you around thinking "I know her from somewhere!!!" and it was driving me crazy because I just couldn't put two and two together. But, as I was reading Jennifer's blog I saw the picture of you and Parker and FINALLY figured it out.....

We went to the swim ranch together last summer!!! Yay!! Mystery solved. Anyway, I LOVE the picture of him peeing in the yard--cracks me up! I am glad that I found out where I had met you and that I found your blog! See you around. (c: