Monday, February 1, 2010

Snow Days

Over the past few days we have been enjoying all the snow. On Saturday, we took the boys sledding. My Dad brought over the sled that my brother and I used when we were kids. Rick and Jessica joined us that day too.

My 3 boys!

They love their Uncle Rick and their soon to be 'Aunt' Jessica.

Parker's never scared to do anything by himself, including sledding down a hill with a hat covering his eyes.

Thanks again Grandaddy for bringing the sled! Especially since my laundry basket idea really wasn't working.
After being outside all morning, we all ate lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings. We missed Nana, she was at work while we were all out playing. Later that day, Peyton and I made Snow Ice Cream. I remember making this when I was a child and it being so fun and easy to do. Here's Peyton in the kitchen helping. He thought this was the neatest idea ever. However, once he tasted it he said he would rather eat the normal kind of ice cream.
A little later Parker woke up from his nap and tried some. He loved it and had two bowls of it.

We enjoyed our lazy days around here but I think we are all ready for a normal schedule again. Josh and Peyton will both go back to school tomorrow. And Parker and I will get back to do our normal things too.


Lindsey Conrad - Nabors said...

aww, Kate such a fun day!!! That is so neat that was the same sled you and Rick used when ya'll were little, what a neat memory you have and now making with your boys! And I LOVE snow icecream. We used to make it too!!

I can't wait to see you soon! I know our reunion will be cutting it close to your delivery, but I sure hope I get to see you. Either way I'm going to have to see you and the boys and your new baby boy soon when he arrives!

Love you girlie!!! Hope you are feeling well! Hugs!

Sara said...

Cute pictures Kate! Hope all is well in the Floyd household. Sounds as if it is! Seems like I might be babysitting during football season. Send your new one over too =)

Have a good week!