Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Update on boys

Not sure how I have mangaged to post on the blog 3 times this week but I have. Peyton spent the night out so I have some extra time this morning before I go to my Mom's to pick him up. Here's Peyton on the way home from Little Rock on Monday. We went to watch the Shiloh girls soccer game. He wanted to be like Mamma and put his head on his pillow in car. It doesn't look very comfortable however, he enjoyed it. Notice his nose. You might think he fell of his new swing set in the backyard but he didn't. He was running in a parking lot and did a face plant Friday night. Ouch. There's a knot on his forehead but his hair covers it up pretty good.

It was so pretty outside yesterday. The boys enjoyed playing on this for a very long time.

This is a random picture that was taken last week at Tim's pizza. He loves to eat crackers. However, most of them ended up all over him. I can't believe he will be 9 months old next week. It still seems like he should my little preemie baby. Time is flying by too fast for me.


Allison, Danny and Bentley said...

Gosh, the boys are getting so big! They are just adorable! We have the same swingset and Bentley just loves it. Unfortunately, one of our dogs loved it a little too much and we have to replace on of the steps on the ladder, oh well. Take care.

James and Shanna said...

That playset looks so nice! I bet they love it! Your boys are adorable!!!