Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Saturday we met some friends for Razorfest. We tailgated before the Red/White game and had so much good food including smoked ribs, thanks to Tucker. Anyway, here are some pictures from the day. We took Peyton with us but let Parker stay home with his Gigi.

McKale and Blaire and baby boy Eli in her tummy. I love these girls so much. We all share the common bond of being married to football coaches. :)
Josh and some of the Shiloh football coaches. I am so thankful everyday he gets to work with some of his best friends.
Peyton excited about eating a cupcake. His buddy, Carter, is in the background who is more interested into the spiderman football. Peyton will stop playing anytime food is brought out, especially sweets.
My Dad took Peyton up to his box for little bit to watch the game. He loved being in the "sky."

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