Saturday, November 3, 2007

Conference Champs!

Shiloh won their conference last night! The score was 59-0. We are now # 1 seed in the play-offs. We are so proud of our Daddy/husband and love him so much. Way to go Saints!

Josh talking to the team after the game.


sara said...

How exciting!!

By the way, thanks for your sweet comment on my blog...avery's finger is much better today. And yes, you do have many ER visits to look forward to w/ 2 boys. I think we've already been 5 times, in 4 years!!

sara said...
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Sharon said...

Hey there! Glad you found me! Congrats to Shiloh and Josh! We were actually at the Greenwood game, since that is where we live now and EVERYONE goes. I was so mad to hear that some of our old friends were down here and I didn't get to see you all! We were actually standing on the fence on the Shiloh side! Crazy! Your boys are too cute!! LOVE the Halloween costumes!

Lindsey said...

What a small world! I totally remember you. Your boys are so precious! Sharon and I have a lot of mutual friends in common. You probably know Matt Slaughter too? I went to High School with him. I love your boys costumes by the way!