Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Team Clippers and Floyd boy stories

Peyton and Parker just finished their first basketball season. They were on the same team which was a blessing so Josh and I weren't chasing two teams around like we did in soccer. That was crazy. I can't imagine what it will be like when we add Jack into the mix in a few years.

It was fun and just plain hilarious to watch.

They each made baskets in at least a couple games. And they improved a lot as the season went on. I was a proud Momma!

Jack seriously is a one year old going on six.
My three amigo's line up on the bench.

He was even included in their "team meetings."

Three funny stories for me to remember.

1-Last week near the bench, the coach was pointing at each player that was going in to play while saying, "You're in." Jack raised his hand and spoke up with his little boy voice and told the coach, "I in!" His brothers ran onto the court and left Jack on the bench which resulted in some big tears but he got over it pretty quickly. Poor Jack, he forgets he's so little.

2-One game, Peyton and Parker had to be reminded by their coach they are on the same team. One would have the ball and the other would just go up and grab the ball out of the others hands. The coach said, "One of you has to let go of the ball." Peyton quickly said, "Parker you let go and I'll take the ball!" Ha-such a good big brother. ;)

3-This has nothing to do with Team Clippers but does have to do with basketball. During a Shiloh High School basketball game, Parker wanted to go tell his friend something that was sitting on the other side of the court. I told him with strict instructions on how to do it without interfering with the game that was going on at the time. I had full confidence in him. However, as he was walking down the bleachers a friend yells, "Don't worry Parker, just go run across the court." I thought surely, he will listen to his Mom, not our crazy friend that always jokes around. Well, he made it over there, running full speed and only slightly getting on the court, but it wasn't bad. The game wasn't stopped and no one noticed except maybe me. Parker talked to his friend and a few others then decided to come back to me. Well, he started out good while running full speed beside the court but when he reach about half way across and he freaked. He took a sharp right and ran to the completely opposite side of the court which of course the ref blew the whistle and they had to stop the game...BECAUSE OF MY CHILD. I was mortified! I sat in my seat and literally couldn't move. Everyone became silent except I heard a few giggles as one fan yelled, "He's too young to play." Luckily, our crazy friend that had told him to run across the court, hopped up and went to rescue him. The funniest part of it is Parker didn't have a clue he was the reason the game stopped. The next day at school a few people asked him about it and he just played it cool and said, "That wasn't me, it was my brother Peyton." Oh my, what am I going to do with him?!


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Those stories cracked me up. Poor Jack--he wanted in too!!

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