Friday, July 8, 2011

Road Trip Part 3- PAULA DEEN'S

While we were in Florida, we decided to take a break from the beach for a day. We were just two and half hours away from Paula Deen's Lady and Son's Restaurant and felt we must go. So we headed to Savannah, Georgia for the day. I think we chose the hottest day ever to go. Of course, the one day that week we weren't by water.

We shopped down town some but the kids were getting tired and hot so we asked a local for the closest ice-cream shop. It was just a few blocks from us so we headed that way. It was called Leopold's Ice Cream. We learned later it was a Savannah tradition for nearly the past one-hundred years. The kids and I loved it but Josh got a piece of pie and wasn't too impressed. He should have ordered the ice-cream if you ask me. :)

Later that day, we finally got to eat at Lady and Son's restaurant for dinner. We had reservations and were so happy we were not one of the MANY people (no lie, fifty plus people) that waited outside in the heat to eat at this restaurant.

Paula wasn't there so this was as close to her that we got to her.

Josh ordered this AMAZING chicken pot pie. I normally don't like chicken pot pie but this, I loved! Luckily for me, it was huge. I had ordered the shrimp and grits but did not care to much for them. So I helped Josh eat his. :)

For dessert I ate the best key lime pie I had ever eaten in my life. It had a almond pie crust that was out of this world.

Here's Angela and I outside Paula's store and the restaurant.

It was a fun day but we were really ready to hit the beach again the next day and cool off.


The Rohman Family said...

Ack! I am going to The Lady and Sons on Sunday as part of a trip to Charleston. Love your pics!!!

Angela said...

So much fun and so stinkin HOT!!!!! Love these memories. : )

Brenda said...

Can you tell me where you were in Florida that it only took you 2 1/2 hours to get to Savannah? I would love to go to Savannah. Keep up the good work on your blog! I hope you don't mind me reading about your adventures...I live in Florida!