Thursday, July 7, 2011

Road Trip, Part 2-BEACH

After many hours in the car, we had finally made it to Ponte Vedra, FL with our friends. We were so excited when we saw how private the beach was. It was awesome.

We made some very fun memories on the beach. I took a million pictures and tried to do my best to narrow it down. Trust me, these are just a few.

Our view from the back porch of the house we stayed in.

Peyton LOVES to be in water and would stay at the beach 24-7 if we let him.

Josh and Parker doing some bike surfing.

Parker loved it as well as the rest of the kids.

Jack also loved the beach. Peyton and Parker at this age always had just enough fear too keep them from trying to get in the water without me. But this little guy has NO fear of anything, including the water.

Jack's favorite beach activity, crawling in water. Luckily, the water was really shallow till you got really far out.

Little stinker.

Love these four boys!

Peyton and the baby shark that Angela caught.

Angela and I.
Two different days, Angela and I were able to kayak with dolphins. It was so much fun! On the second day a baby dolphin and it's Momma were just a few feet from us swimming around. It was the neatest thing, I had done in a long time!

Parker and Jack sharing a snack in the wagon.

These five kids played their little hearts out on the beach! They all had so much fun together.

At night we went to eat and enjoy some great seafood. This was taken one night at dinner. We all decided Capps on the Water was our favorite place of the week.

One night we also took some beach pictures.

These three little boys melt my heart.

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