Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spring Soccer

Peyton has literally been counting down the days till soccer started again. He had so much fun playing in the fall. This past Saturday was his first game of the spring.

Sweet brothers cheering on Team Dynamo. Jack learned to clap for the first time during the game.

Peyton choose number eight because Josh was number eight while playing football at OBU.

Peyton scored three goals and they won. He can't wait till their next game on Saturday.


Katie said...

Ok, Kate, I need this soccer info! I would love to do something like this next fall and spring for Z. Who do I contact?

Josh and Kate said...

Contact the Springdale Youth Center. I think sign up for fall soccer is the beginning of July but call to double check that. They play all their games at Tyson park. Parker can't wait to play in the fall! We should request they be on the same team. :)