Monday, April 25, 2011

Rainy Easter

We had a very wet Easter. It stormed most of the day but that didn't stop us from celebrating. This is always one of my favorite holidays! The kids had such a fun weekend. Friday night we made our third annual Easter bunny cake. And Saturday afternoon we dyed Easter eggs. I really enjoyed this special time with them this year. We talked a lot about the real reason we celebrate Easter. I love to hear them tell the story of Jesus dying on the cross for our sins.

The boys were so excited the night before Easter. They went right to sleep so the bunny wouldn't miss stopping at our house. I think the bunny may have out done himself this year.

The next morning we hunted eggs inside our house because of the rain. Before we went to church we attempted a few pictures. Jack just wanted to crawl off. :)

He's always on the move! Friday night he had come down with another double ear infection. It's the fifth one since February. I feel so bad for him. But by Sunday he seemed fine and he had been fever-free for twenty-four hours so he still was able to go to church on Sunday.

After church we went to my parents house for lunch. My Dad smoked a brisket and my Mom, Grandmother and I cooked the sides and desserts. It was so good!

My Dad and Mom hid eggs in their house for the boys to hunt when they arrived.

Josh and I.

My parents with their grandsons.

My grandparents came to eat lunch with us too.

For dinner we went over to Josh's parent's house and there was another Easter egg hunt with their cousins Reese and Beckham. GiGi had also made sugar cookies for the kids to decorate with icing. Jack was napping while this picture was taken. He had started feeling sick again that evening.

I'm hoping it's nice and sunny again here soon. We had another day with lots of rain today and many roads are beginning to flood. The U of A even closed early. I am ready for the rain to start moving out of our area and the sun to start shinning again.


Ashley said...

KATE!! These pictures are amazing, and I want to make that cake!!! =) You'll have to teach me one year!

Glad ya'll had a great Easter!!

PS- Jack looks JUST LIKE YOU!!!

Lindsey said...

I love all these pics Kate! Hate it rained on you guys!! It was actually nice here Sunday, but boy are we paying for it tonight!!

I remember having to hunt for our Easter eggs inside a few times in NWA due to rain - not the same as doing it outside, but when you are young - it's still fun!! And again, I LOVED that bunny cake AND your dress!!