Monday, August 16, 2010

First Day of School

This year my big boys will be at Shiloh together. Peyton is doing the 4 year old Pre-K, five days a week, and Parker will do to the 3 year old Pre-K program two days a week. They both were excited to start school and see their friends. I still can't believe how fast this summer went by. But we are all ready to be on a more normal schedule.

This year Peyton has Mrs. Chenier. He was so excited when he found out she was going to be his teacher for the year. His two best friends, Carter and Alex, are in his class which he is excited about too.

Parker has Mrs. Brunton. Peyton had her last year and we are thrilled to have her again! His friend, Jackson, and cousin Reese are in his class too. It should be a fun year for them. This morning when I got him out of bed he started talking a million miles an hour about all the fun things he was going to do at Shiloh that day. It was hilarious.


Angela said...

Awww. Just want to give them a big hug.

Ashley said...

Precious as can be! I can't wait to get Avery over there to see them again, she had such a blast the other day!!!


Skamamama said...

i found your blog by way of kelly's korner . . . i love them both! anyway, this is going t seem so "stalkerish" but Mrs. Brunton looks very familiar to me! I used to know a Melissa Brunton ~ is her first name Melissa and does she have a son Jack? The one I knew lived here in Virginia where we went to church together. Shortly after they had a baby girl they moved. If so . . . it's a small world! I too teach preschool and am quite jeaous that your teachers can wear jeans . . . I can't wait to tell our director!

Josh and Kate said...

Skamamama-That's her! What a small world! My boys LOVE her. We are blessed to have her at our school. The teachers get to wear jeans only a a few Fridays during the year. I'm sure they love those days. :) I'll have to mention that you found me here on blogland. Thanks for commenting.