Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter 2010

We had a wonderful weekend celebrating Easter with our family. Saturday night we dyed Easter eggs and made a bunny cake with the boys. They made such a mess but they were having fun.
Sunday morning they woke up to their baskets filled with candy from the Easter bunny.
Next we went outside to hunt for eggs. Yes, Parker has a sucker in his mouth before 7:30am. I promise we normally don't allow candy in the morning but today I decided I wouldn't fight the battle. I also realize my kids clothes look hideous, but when at home we let them pick their own outfits for the most part.
We then got cleaned up and ready for church. It was a fabulous service! Here's all three of my boys before church.
Here's my next baby boy that's on the way. Parker was protesting the picture at this point. I am definitely feeling very pregnant these days and having lots of braxton hicks contractions. But for the most part I feel pretty good. I think we may have a wild one on our hands. This baby is constantly kicking and moving around ALL the time.
After church we went to my parents house for a wonderful lunch. Dad smoked a brisket for us and it was so good!
We were happy that Josh's parents and Nick's family were able to join us too! It's hard to get a decent picture with three hungry kids. Baby Beckham was taking a nap and didn't make this picture. Notice Peyton in the back giving the hookem' horn sign for Texas. We have never lived Texas but Josh's family is from there and taught our boys to love Texas. Don't worry the Razorbacks are still their #1 team. ;)
My brother, Rick, was also with us today too. They love their Uncle Rick!
Josh and Meredith helping the kids hunt Easter eggs at my parent's house.
After the egg hunt they played their little hearts out on the swing set.
Hope you all had a Happy Easter with your family and friends. And remember the real reason we celebrate today, He is RISEN! I'm so thankful for the cross and that He is ALIVE.


Kari Beth said...

miss ya girl! wish i would've seen you today! you look fabulous. definitely growing! baby floyd (name yet?) will be here before you know it. i would love to go to lunch. we definitely need to catch up. i will call you this week!

Katie said...

Beautiful pictures, Kate! What a fun weekend!

Ashley said...

Kate- you are just beautiful preggers! You look fabulous!

All the pics with the family are just perfect, I just love those boys!

Lets plan a date soon!