Sunday, July 19, 2009

My Brother is Engaged

We had a very excited weekend! After four years of dating, on Friday night, my brother asked Jessica to marry him! We are so happy she will officially be joining our family. She is precious and just perfect for my brother! We love her so much! It's funny how things turn out because Jessica's cousin, Emily, is one of my good friends that I went to school with at Shiloh while growing up.

After a nice dinner in North Little Rock, Rick told Jessica that he had to pick up something at my Aunt's house. When they went around back she heard music playing and this is what she saw....
This was half of the screened in porch...the other half she found these.
She was so shocked and of course there were happy tears! She also had another surprise. Jessica's family had planned an engagement party a couple of neighborhoods down the street. So Rick brought her over there after they left my Aunt's house. She thought only her Mom and Dad would be there. Here is a picture of people starting to arrive at the party and waiting on Rick and Jessica to show up to surprise them. It was held at Jessica's Uncle's house around the pool.
Peyton and I with Lexy, Jessica's best friend. We couldn't wait till they got to the party! Peyton was my date that night. Josh had a football tournament at the U of A and Parker stayed with my Brother in law and Sister in law back in Rogers.
Here's the cake. It was so good.
One of the beautiful tables.

Here are Rick and Jessica when they first arrived at the party. She was so shocked to see everyone there to celebrate! It was perfect.
Jessica walking down the stairs to see her Mom. I love this picture!
The happy couple!
I made Rick take this goofy picture with his "engaged" cup. =)
Jessica's BEAUTIFUL ring!
Peyton with his buddy Uncle Rick. (I'm not sure why this pic is so small)
This is our family with Jessica's parents and her sister, Lauren. It was almost 11:00 at night and Peyton was not in the mood for pictures by this point.

Congrats Rick and Jessica! We love you both so much! Can't wait for your wedding next summer!


Anonymous said...

Your boys look alot like your brother! :) Lyndsey

Ashley said...

Seems like yesterday that we were screaming at Rick when we were young teenage girls in jr high! So fun, such GREAT memories of being around Rick. He is such a solid guy and has grown to be such a wonderful man! I am so proud of him. He is going to be such an amazing husband! I love your family! I left him a note on FB once he was engaged! Love all the pics, the party was beautiful Kate!!

Melissa Conaway said...

Oh my goodness! How exciting! Congrats to all of you!

Lindsey Conrad - Nabors said...

I am so happy for Rick!! That is awesome! What a sweet way to do it all and surprise her!! Didn't Josh do the same thing for you too?? So sweet!! Looked like an amazing party!!! =)

Josh and Kate said...

Thanks to all of you! We're thrilled.

Josh did his proposal different but Jessica and I were both surprised by engagement parties afterwards. =)