Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Florida Pictures

We are back from our Destin vacation! This year we spent one week with my family on the beach and the following week with Josh's family. We were so blessed to spend that time away with our families. Our boys loved every minute and had so much fun playing while getting spoiled by the grandparents for nearly two weeks. Peyton is already asking to go back. We are glad to be back in town but still missing the beach.

Enjoy the pictures below...there are a lot of them! Also, check out Meredith's blog for more about our trip. She does a great job telling the story about us getting stuck in an elevator while at a friend's house in Seaside! We were freaking out!!

Jessica, Peyton, Josh, Parker, Kate and my brother, Rick.

The four of us with my parents, Rick and his girlfriend, Jessica.

Uncle Rick and the boys.
Sweet brothers.
Running from the waves.
My love.
Cousin Reese and the boys.
Dinner with Josh's family. Meredith's sister watched the kids that night.
Kids and Meredith's sister, Abby.

4th of July on the beach.
The boys, Reese and GiGi watching the fireworks from our balcony.
Here's a picture from our beach trip last year. A year can make a huge difference! Peyton was going through the terrible two's and Parker hated the sand at the time! It was still fun but a lot of hard work. Needless to say, this year it was much easier keeping everyone happy.


Ben and Kristen said...

Peyton is so dark! I'm glad you had a good trip!


Josh and Kate said...

He won the award this year for getting the darkest. I promise he wore 50 SPF everyday too! Hope you're doing good Kristen.

Kari Beth said...

what a fun trip! we leave saturday to go to seagrove for a week! i cannot wait.

The Slaughters said...

I LOVE the one of them sitting next to each other on the beach from behind. SO PRECIOUS.

Ashley said...

Kate! I am so glad we got to talk today and catch up! I miss you and look forward to us trying to get together weekly! How nice will that be? I need all the friend time I can get, us mommies have to stick together!

Your pics are adorable! I love the black/white look on the beach with your parents, that was precious!!! My favorite picture is of the boys facing the ocean hugging.. THEY ARE SO PRECIOUS. You are blessed!

Love ya'll!

Alissa and Jordan said...

I LOVE your new blog header! How cute. I hope yall are doing well!