Sunday, August 31, 2008

That time of year

School has begun which also means football season is in full swing! We are excited because this is our favorite time of year. Yes, being married to a football coach means he is very busy right now and the kids and I don't get to see him much. But each year gets easier and seems to get more fun. Peyton is so into football and loves to go to practice to watch "Daddy's guys." He's already talking about the day he will play for Shiloh. The other night when I was putting him to bed he said, "Momma, one day I will play at Shiloh, Daddy will be my coach, and you and Carker (yes, he still calls him Carker) will be in the seats yelling Go Peyton and Shiloh!" Isn't that pretty amazing that a two year old can think like that? As you can tell he's been to every Shiloh game since he was 2 weeks old and most of the Razorback home games starting before he was a year old. In case you were wondering, that is the life of a coaches' kid. At the bottom of this post I am attaching some pictures from this week. The first one was taken while I was dropping Parker off for his first day of Kid's Day Out. Peyton was sick that day and didn't get to go to his class. Peyton will be going on Mondays and Thursdays and Parker will be going on Thursdays. I'm so glad that this has started back. The rest of the pictures are from last night at the game. GiGi, Poppy, Rod, Dawayne and Courtney were there with us. Nana (my Mom) watched Parker for us. Thanks Mom! We had fun but just wished the Hogs would have played better. Hope everyone has a good labor day tomorrow. Guess where I will practice watching the Saints preparing to play Evangel on Friday. :)


Courtney Hudson said...

Had a ton of fun! We need to do that again. I pute the "fish face" pic of Peyton on mine! Now I just need a cute pic of me and Parker!

The Slaughters said...

Fun! I'm so glad Peyton smiled for the camera! I go back all the time and look at the face he made for Kelly. It's so stinkin funny.