Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Fishin' Buddies

This summer my Dad has taught Peyton how to fish. My parents have a pond at their house so now every time we go over there and Grandaddy is going to be home he wants to fish. I think they have spoiled him because every two minutes they will catch a fish. I hope he doesn't expect it to be that way everywhere he fishes from now on. Here are some pictures from earlier this week when he spent the night.

I love this one...

He caught one, can you see it? It's small one.
On a Parker note, he now has three teeth on the bottom. No top ones yet but he still manages to eat like crazy. He eats twice as much as Peyton will during a meal. Parker is also into EVERYTHING! I don't remember Peyton being as curious as Parker is, maybe I just don't remember it. He is now officially the fastest crawler I have seen. He loves to follow Peyton everywhere he goes. I am loving seeing them interact as brothers. So sweet.


Melissa Conaway said...

Kate I just love it! That is something he will never forget doing when he gets older! That is so special!

Superchikk said...

Fishing is such a cool thing for a kid to get to do. He will have great stories when he gets older!

Chickster is working on ALL FOUR top teeth at the same time right now, and has been for the last two weeks. I wish they would just hurry up already.

I totally feel you on the fast crawler getting into everything. Chickster is constantly into everything and wants to "unload" anything that has something in it. Ahh! :)

Blaire said...

How fun! I love that picture where Peyton was leaning on your dad's shoulder... what a sweet moment!

Courtney Hudson said...

ok, officially I've decided I won't have kids until you are ready for your 3rd. Because I love Peyton Floyd! He can just be mine until we are ready. Ha, too cute kate, too cute!