Friday, May 16, 2008

So Close

We expect to have another man on the move around our house anyday.
I love this one! It looks like he's doing a push up the hard way-ha.
This is blurry because I took it with my iphone but it still shows how close he is to crawling.
When Peyton was about this age, I couldn't wait for him to crawl. But I've learned my lesson and am trying to keep him off his knees as long as I can!


James and Shanna said...

I'll try to take your advice. I am always waiting for the next new thing Brady does. It is so hard not to get anxious. Good Luck!

Lindsay said...

Precious pictures! Little Parker is getting so big and looks like like his pretty Mama! :) I can't wait for Graham to meet Peyton...two peas in a pod! I am so glad you guys are coming in town this weekend, but sad that I will be out of town. :( I am visiting my parents this weekend, but Marc will be at Reese's birthday party with the least they will get to see y'all!