Wednesday, December 5, 2007

I La You!

This morning Peyton started saying "I la you!" (I love you) It is the sweetest sound. Of course we had to call Daddy and all the grandparents and have Peyton tell them on the phone, "I la you!" He can talk up a storm but can be hard headed when you want him to say a certain word or phrase. So we have been waiting on this for a long time.
Another note, Peyton and Parker have started to really entertain one another which has been nice for us all. It's so neat to watch them smile, coo, and giggle back and forth at each other. We still have to keep a close eye on Peyton b/cs he is a true boy and can be rough at times. Also, Parker is about to start rolling over. He tries so hard and at times get frusterated because his shoulder is in the way. I keep thinking it's going to happen anyday. He's so close.

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