Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Catching Up

We have been supper busy the last couple of weeks as I'm sure most of you are this time of year. Out of the last 13 days we've been out of town 8 of those days, with 2 trips to Little Rock and one to Dallas. We are finally back in town.

Parker is still trying to roll over by himself. However, when Peyton sees him trying to roll over, he runs over and tries to give "buba" a push and says, "Yea, baby did it!" Maybe he'll learn soon without help. Parker has mastered taking his passy in and out of his mouth by himself within the last few days. He's also beginning to reach out for his toys and play.

Peyton did something really exciting 2 nights ago....drumroll please....he went #2 in the potty-two different times in one night! He came and got me and said he needed to go pee but he surprised us and did the other. We had a big celebration in the bathroom. Peyton kept jumping up and down saying, "Horay, I did it." It was pretty funny.

Peyton, Parker, and I have all been sick since Sunday. We all had upper respitory and ear infections. Peyton's fever got up to 104.8 degrees last night which was pretty scary for us all. I've never seen him so sick before. But this afternoon we all three took a turn for the better. Everyone's fever seemed to be gone and acting somewhat back to normal. Thank you Mom and Jeana for helping me with the kids and here at the house with laundry and grocery shopping. I really apprecitate it and I am so blessed to have you both in town. Also, thank you Josh, he has been such a wonderful husband and Daddy while we have all been sick. You're the best, thanks for all your patience!

Before I forget, congrats Nick! We are so proud of you for graduating from seminary last week! We know God will use you and Meredith in a mighty way. We love you both and Reese so much. We had a blast in the "big D" with you guys.

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