Monday, June 6, 2011

Schools Out for Summer

Another school year has come and gone for Peyton and Parker. Peyton's done with his last year of pre-school, K4, and Parker finished 3 year old pre-school.

This year on the last day of school both of the boy's classes had a parties. Parker's was on the play ground. There were bubbles, hop scotch, chalk and many other games that the kids enjoyed outside. We are so proud of our Parkerman and all he's learning these days. He's now cutting with scissors, writing his own name and loves to paint.

The week before school ended Peyton class had a bike day and everyone rode their bikes in the parking lot.

On Peyton's very last day of school they had a water day. Several water games were set up outside including water guns and water balloons, which were his favorites. Parker came too and they both ended up soaking wet.

I can't believe that next year I will have a kindergartner! That just doesn't seem right. It seems like he should still be my baby boy. He's learning to read and loves anything to do with numbers. I am so thankful for the wonderful school that he will attend in the fall.

A couple weeks ago my brother, Rick, graduated from the U of A Law School. We are so proud of him and can't wait to see what the Lord has planned for him and Jessica.

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