Monday, July 12, 2010

Swim Ranch

Peyton and Parker went to their second year of Swim Ranch a couple weeks ago. This year Josh got in the pool with Parker -every-single-day! Daddy was such a trooper! During the week of their lessons I still couldn't get in the pool since I just had Jack.

Two of my sweet boys.

I love Parker in his googles-too cute.

Practicing getting out of the pool with Ms. Virgina. She was my swim teacher when I was little too. But he thought it was extra cool that her grandson plays football for Shiloh.

He tried to dog paddle by himself and when he reached the wall and was not a happy boy. But the tears didn't last too long. I think that was the only time he cried all week.

Yea Parker for finishing another year of the Water Babies class!

This year Peyton moved up to Lane One. He's always loved the water but never liked to go under which you do a lot of in lane one. He improved each day even though he was a little scared at times. But by the end of the week he was swimming all by himself without his buoy and even going under water without it bothering him.

Happy boy kicking away.

Learning to swim with no buoy.

High-five from his teacher for swimming all the way down his lane with no buoy!

Peyton we are proud of you and how brave you were this week! You turned into a fish within just a few days!
Jack hung out with me by the pool most days. We were lucky and the weather wasn't too hot for him. Next year he will get a turn at Swim Ranch but for now I'm enjoying him being so little.

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Tracy and Adam said...

I may have said it before, but I love Swim Ranch! What a good place to learn to swim! I think there are some pictures of me with a little swim buoy on just like Parker's. Haha. And with Miss Virginia! So glad your boys are doing well!