Monday, October 12, 2009

Fire Station and Hog Game

Last week Peyton's class and the rest of the K4 classes took their first field trip to the Tontitown Fire Department. He had been looking forward to this for weeks. However, I think his favorite part ended up being getting to ride the school bus to and from the fire station. The Mom's were invited to come and meet them at the F.D. and then have lunch with the kids at the park across the street. It was fun getting to watch our kids play while we all talked. Here is Peyton's class with their wonderful teacher, Mrs. Brunton.

Peyton waiting for his turn to get in the fire truck.
I love his smile! He looks so proud.

Last Saturday we took Parker to his first Razorback football game. We were playing the Auburn Tigers. Parker was pretty overwhelmed but had a lot of fun. Both kids were so distracted with everything going on around us they were in no mood for pictures. It didn't help that my camera battery died before the game even started. Josh's former high school coach is Auburn's offensive coordinator. Josh was glad to talk to him a few minutes before the game began. Josh also had a former player from Shiloh that played most of the game for Auburn. It was fun to watch him play again.
This was our attempt at a family just wasn't happening.

Parker wouldn't take his eyes off the field. He was trying so hard to figure it all out.
If he wasn't looking at the field he had his eyes on my big cup of coke below that he wanted some so badly. I might have shared a little with him which might explain the energy burst he had in the 2nd half.

Snuggling with my Peyton. Luckily it started warming up some after this picture was taken.
One of my brother in law's friends, Will, took this cool picture below of Ronnie, Josh, Parker, and Nick at the game.
After the game we took the kids home to have a quick nap and then headed to downtown Fayetteville for family pictures, taken by my good friend, Blaire. The kids were much more corporative with Blaire and her camera than they were with my camera at the game. I can't wait to see them! After pictures we went to one of my favorite places to eat, Bizy's. I love their grilled salmon and sweet potatoes. It's delish and was a great way to end our Saturday.


The Slaughters said...

I am LOVING that red coat! I bet you were still freezing! I guess it was worth it to see that game.

Julee Turner said...

Love the game pics! You look so pretty and I love that red coat! :)

Lindsey Conrad - Nabors said...

Ya'll all look so cute!! And I second what Julie said . . . you look so pretty! ;)

The Browns said...

Your boys are so cute! Me & my twin sister are both pregnant with boys right now :)