Thursday, January 8, 2009

Baby B. is Almost Here!

Some of our greatest friends, McKale and Tucker, are about to have their baby boy within the next 3 weeks!!  McKale and I met through our husbands coaching football together at Shiloh, five years ago.  When they moved here their son, Carter, was a year old and ever since then he's called me NiNi.  I am not sure why he chose that name but I love it.  I'm so excited for their family!!  McKale is someone that I can tell anything to and she ALWAYS understands me.  They are the kind of friends we'll have forever and each time we get together we always have a blast.

Last night all the football coaches and their families came over for dinner and a baby shower.  It was so much fun, lots of food and lots of celebrating.  Here's some pictures....

The cake from Rick's.  When Courtney picked it up someone asked, "Why is someone naming their baby Barnard?"  Ha!  They haven't chosen a name yet so we put the last name on the cake instead.  However, they have three choices and we all voted on which one we like and they all three got exactly three votes.  We weren't much help for them.  My final vote was Crosby Thomas but maybe it's because at one point that was going to be Parker's name.  I think a little boy named Crosby would be the cutest thing.  My next choice was Jace Cannon.
Tucker and McKale with cake...
Here are all the crazy coaches' kiddos on Peyton's bed.  Soon it will be 7 boys and 1 girl (with the Barnard's and Harris'  adding 2 more boys within the next 2 months!)  They did pretty good staying in the boy's rooms or playroom most of the night without bothering us.  ;)
This is the gift Josh and I gave them...a must with a newborn!
Here's all the football coaching staff and wives.

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Melissa Conaway said...

Yay for the baby almost being here! Looks like yall had fun! Miss yall!