Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Fishin' Buddies

This summer my Dad has taught Peyton how to fish. My parents have a pond at their house so now every time we go over there and Grandaddy is going to be home he wants to fish. I think they have spoiled him because every two minutes they will catch a fish. I hope he doesn't expect it to be that way everywhere he fishes from now on. Here are some pictures from earlier this week when he spent the night.

I love this one...

He caught one, can you see it? It's small one.
On a Parker note, he now has three teeth on the bottom. No top ones yet but he still manages to eat like crazy. He eats twice as much as Peyton will during a meal. Parker is also into EVERYTHING! I don't remember Peyton being as curious as Parker is, maybe I just don't remember it. He is now officially the fastest crawler I have seen. He loves to follow Peyton everywhere he goes. I am loving seeing them interact as brothers. So sweet.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Busy with football & swimming

This past weekend was pretty busy for us. All day Friday and Saturday we spent our time at Shiloh's 7 on 7 tournament at the U of A. It was fun but very hot. Tonight we have another tournament at Shiloh's field. Last night our church had a night at the Springdale Aquatic Center. It was fun visiting with friends and letting the kiddos play in the water. Our friend Brundi (aka: "B" to Peyton) took some great pictures of the boys. Thanks B!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Birthday Plate

Today my Mom and I took the boys to Different Strokes to paint pottery. When Peyton was a year old I took him and made a birthday plate for him. I had his hand print painted on the middle of the plate so I can always remember how small his hand once was on his first birthday. (I know that's such a Mom thing to say.) My plan is that as they get older they will eat their slice of birthday cake on this plate each year. Well, Parker's first birthday is less than a month away so it was time to make his plate so it could be ready in time for his birthday. Peyton wanted to paint a Nemo fish and he had so much fun doing it. He was so intense about painting the fish so perfectly he wouldn't even look up for a picture. I can't believe I forgot to take a picture of Parker and his handprint on his plate. I guess I will have to do it when I go pick it up next week.
Here is a picture from the day I took Peyton in to make his birthday plate, almost two years ago.
Here is Peyton's finished product. I'm hoping Parker's plate comes out just as cute.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Josh blogged???

My husband just did his first ever blog post today. It is actually a guest post on his Dad's blog. (Did you really think Josh would have his own blog?) Check it out his post. He did a great job if I can say so myself. Love you hubby and I'm proud of you!

Our 4th of July & Parker's first hair cut

We had a great 4th of July. The night before we had a babysitter watch Parker while Josh and I took Peyton to see the Naturals play. We met our friends the Perry's there. Peyton loved it but was actually really looking forward to the fireworks after the game more than anything. However, during the 7th inning it started lightening and raining so we had to leave. Thank goodness for Shakes being on the way home. Josh pulled in and got the boy his favorite, a chocolate shake, which solved all of his problems. Here's a picture before the rain came.

On the 4th we headed over to my parents house. Rick, Jessica and my grandparents were all over there as well. Here's a few pictures from our nice relaxing day.
Rick and Jessica had bought Peyton some fireworks. He was so excited about them and couldn't wait to do them so we did them right after dinner even though it was still light outside.
However, Peyton wasn't too sure of them once they started so he and Josh watched from inside.
Little brother Parker loved Uncle Rick's firework show. Here he is with my Dad. Don't you love the goofy grin Parker has on his face?
This same week my friend Courtney came over and gave Parker his first hair cut. I can't believe he is old enough to need one. Josh thought his hair was starting to look like a mullet in the back so of course we can't have any of that around here. Is he not the cutest thing you have ever seen? By the way, he stood up with out any support for a few seconds yesterday for the first time. I can't believe he will be 11 months tomorrow! Oh my goodness, my baby is almost One and will be walking in no time!