Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Floyd's San Antonio Trip

Last week we went with Josh's parents and his brother's family to Texas. It was so much fun! Every summer we try to get away for a few days with all of us together. I took so many pictures and I couldn't decide which ones to put up so I posted a lot of up here!

Here we are after eating at the Grey Moss Inn. The steaks were great. All three kids even enjoyed them. It was the first time Parker had steak.
The Resort we stayed at was wonderful and has so many different pools. Here's the guys playing a game of water volleyball.
Meredith and I with our babies, Parker and Reese. Both were very tired at this point of the day and worn out from lots of pool time and the sun.
Peyton loved "wimmin'!"
Parker can fall asleep anywhere no matter how much noise is around him. Peyton never was like that and still is but it's nice to finally have a baby that will do that, especially on vacation. This he where he took most of his morning naps while we were there.
Josh's cousin lives near San Antonio and she brought her little girl, Macy-far right in the picture, to play one afternoon and the kids had so much fun with her.
We took the kids to Sea World and they loved it! Here's one of my pictures from that day. We got to feed dolphins and watch the Shamoo show.
Another day Poppy and Gigi took us to Fiesta Texas-Six Flags. Here's some pictures.

We also took some time to go to the river walk and take a boat ride.
During this week were potty training Peyton. He started a few days before we left and he kept it up so good. Here he is with his potty chart I made him and by the end of the trip it was full with his stickers. He was so proud.
Not only were we potty training on the trip but we also left Arkansas and forgot "Night-Night!" Peyton's blue blanket that he LOVES and carries around ALL the time! Can you believe that? We were already in OK when we figured it out. We made it through and he did much better than I had expected he would. I am sort of sad because it's like he grew up in one week-using the potty and no more night-night. But I know it's for the best.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

A picture with...

Micheal Irvin!! We are in San Antonio this week and on our road trip down here we happend to be in McDonald's the same time he was. Now look at his shirt, is that not hilarious! Nick, Josh's brother, pointed that out after the picture was taken-ha! He was very nice and kissed Peyton several times. Peyton talked to him and wasn't scared until it was picture time. I'm sure one day he'll regret the face his has on in this picture. Well, I better go, we are getting ready to take the kids to Sea World. More pictures from the trip when we get back.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Future Saint

This year Shiloh is being sponsored by Under Armor so Josh brought home the new football uniforms for us to see. Peyton wanted to try them on himself. Go Saints!

Lots of pictures from Tulsa

This past week Josh took the football team to Tulsa Camp. It's something Shiloh goes to every summer. It's always fun to go over one night and watch the team. This year my Mom went with the boys and I. We decided to make it more than a football trip. We did lots of shopping at Utica Square and even took the boys to the Tulsa Aquarium.

Extra FYI: In March Josh and I told Peyton we would take him to the Tulsa Aquarium during spring break. However, the day before we were supposed to go, I got sick and had to go to the emergency room. Peyton was with us and saw the small aquarium in the corner of the hospital waiting room. He was so excited and started saying, "I'm in Tulsa! Look at the Fish!" Since Josh and I knew at the time we wouldn't be able to take him we just decided to let him believe that he really was at the Tulsa's Aquarium we had promised to take him to. Is that bad parenting? He's only two years old so we figured we could get away with it for the time being.

Anyway, this time we took him to the "real" aquarium and he loved it! Peyton watched the movie Finding Nemo on the way over and so now he is obsessed with Nemo! Parker even enjoyed seeing all the fish more than I thought he would. I'm sure we will take the boys back again.
My Mom with Peyton
The boys looking at the sting rays.
The scary scuba diver that Peyton didn't like.
Peyton and I feeding the turtles.
A shark is swimming behind us.
After we saw all the fish we went over to Tulsa University to watch Shiloh play. We even surprised Josh and brought him his favorite, a slice of Oreo cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory.

Daddy and Peyton
Nana and Parker
The four of us before the big thunder storm came. The tornado alarms went off around midnight. Luckily everything ended up being fine.
On his way home watching Nemo.