Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter Pictures

Happy Easter (a little late) from Peyton & Parker! Parker was quite the little poser for me on our front porch. Peyton didn't have much to do with the camera this year. It was a great Sunday. We went up to Pinnacle Hills to meet some friends for church. Peyton always likes going there to see the fish in the nursery hallway at "Poppy's church!" It was a wonderful service.
Parker Man loving the new rocking chair.
So relaxed and such a stud...

Lately, Peyton has been loving to shave with Daddy. Nana bought him a shaving kit and now he thinks he has to shave to "feel smooth" before we can leave the house.

Nick, Meredith and cousin Reese came up for a couple of days. Peyton had so much fun with Reese. Parker just liked to sit and watch them play while he drewled on his shirt. We'll have to come to Dallas to see them again soon. We miss them so much and wish they were in Arkansas with us. Check out for the pictures from Build A Bear. Poppy and Gigi took all three grandkids.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Feeling okay

Yesterday I felt so sick again. I was running 102 fever and was in the same type of pain I felt on Sunday. The doctor called me to come in early for my CCK gallbadder ultrasound this morning. We had to be at the hospital by 7am. And if you know me, you know I'm not a morning person. But we were there on time and ready to get this over with. We took Parker with us while Peyton went over to a friends house. My doctor had told me that this test would mostly likely make me sick. However, I arrived not feeling good and it didn't make me feel any worse than I was before so I guess that part was good. We will probably get the test results at the beginning of next week. I'm ready to know what has been causing all this pain even if it's not my gallbladder. I started feeling better this afternoon and am doing okay at the moment. Please keep praying for me and for the doctors to figure all this out.

On another note, both of Josh's parents and my Mom are back from the Holy Land. We are so happy to have them back home! Our church took a group over to Israel and they have been gone the last 10 days. It sounded like they all had so much but they are still very glad to be back home. All the grandparents came over tonight to see the boys. Peyton loved seeing what presents they brought back for him and Parker. They got matching t-shirts and teddy bears.

Well I'm going to bed now. Good night.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Last 24 hours...crazy.

Once again it's been crazy around here. I am just copying an email I sent to our small group from church about yesterday. You can read it below....

Yesterday afternoon around 2:00pm my upper right side of my stomach started hurting extremely bad. It hurt so bad I couldn't even walk and was running a fever having bad chills all over my body. So Josh took me to the emergency room. They were able to run several tests and get me on some major pains meds to help knock out the pain I was in. By 1:00am they had ruled out gallstones, a blood clot in my lungs, and pneumonia. However, the doctor said even though no gallstones showed up on the test they did on me doesn't mean I didn't have gallbladder disease. They also said it could be pluerisy in my lungs or just a bad mucsle spasm. (I couldn't belive it when I heard muscle spasm b/cs I couldn't beleive all the pain I was in could be caused by that.) So they sent us home with pain meds and told me to see my doctor today. I went to him this afternoon and he thinks it is gallbladder disease and set up a different test (CCK gallbadder ultrasound) to be done at the hospital on Monday that should only last about an hour. The bad part of the test is it will probably make me really sick again. He said if they have any cancellations done before then I will be called to come in sooner than Monday. If the test comes back postive then I will have surgery to have my gallbadder removed towards the end of next week. On another note, I have my root canal on Wednesday. Hopefully they can complete it and I will be done with all my tooth pain soon. Please keep praying for us. I'm not sure what God is trying to teach us through all this but we are trusting Him and His plan.

So that pretty much sums it up. I thought we were over all our big bumps and now this comes up. Thanks to the Kennedy's for bringing Josh dinner to the hosptial last night and picking up Parker to spend the night. Thanks also to the Slaughters for bringing a dinner tonight. It was yummy. We love you guys and appreciate you all so much!! Keep praying we sure need it.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Catching Up

We are all moved and feeling much better around here since my last post. Our garage is still packed full of boxes. This was our first time to move with kids and I was so surpised how much "junk" toys they have. We are going have to give some away just so we can be half way organized again. Anyway, we love our new house and it's beginning to feel like home. Our new living room furniture is supposedly being delivered next week. However, we've been thinking that the last two weeks so we'll just have to wait and see.

Well, I decided to sign Peyton up for gymnastics to give him something fun to do and hopefully run off some of his energy. So he started gymnastics last week and loves it, (minus the melt down in the middle of class today.) It kinda was my fault though. We talked the whole way there about going to gymnastics and how much fun he was going to have with his friend, Easton. Needless to say he was so excited. Well we got there late and they had already split up groups and he wasn't able to be in his friend's group. So next week I will for sure get him there on time so he can be in Easton's group. When we got in the car I still had a big talk with him how he can not act like that at gymnastics or we won't be going back. Hopefully he will do better. Here are some picture from last week. It's so fun to watch him out there. He's taking at the same place I took when I was younger. It brings back so many memories.

Notice he's not very flexible-ha.

Last week we flew to small town Yoakum, TX to visit Josh's grandma for her 80th birthday. Both boys did great on the plane. It was so much fun to see everyone. I really wish they lived closer. I love his family. It's always a blast when we get together. Below are a couple of pictures of the boys from Grandma Floyd's birthday party. Notice Peyton breaking it down. He loves to dance all the time especially when there is a crowd around.

Here's Parker man. He's now 7 months old and always so happy. If you just look at him, his big blue eyes light up and he'll give you a big smile with his deep dimples showing. I love it.

Oh, by the way...well, I hestitate to write this.... but Peyton hasn't had a "#2" dirty diaper in 1 week. We are offically potty training now. I was going to wait until this summer but all the sudden he started showing interest last week so I decided we better go with it. He's 2 1/2 now so it's about time anyway. The weird thing is he dosen't mind peeing in his underwear but always tells me when he's about to go #2. I guess it will take time and lots of patience. But so far every day he has made improvement. He even went potty for his teacher at church on Sunday. I was so shocked when she told me. Go Peyton, keep it up buddy!