Thursday, March 20, 2008

Feeling okay

Yesterday I felt so sick again. I was running 102 fever and was in the same type of pain I felt on Sunday. The doctor called me to come in early for my CCK gallbadder ultrasound this morning. We had to be at the hospital by 7am. And if you know me, you know I'm not a morning person. But we were there on time and ready to get this over with. We took Parker with us while Peyton went over to a friends house. My doctor had told me that this test would mostly likely make me sick. However, I arrived not feeling good and it didn't make me feel any worse than I was before so I guess that part was good. We will probably get the test results at the beginning of next week. I'm ready to know what has been causing all this pain even if it's not my gallbladder. I started feeling better this afternoon and am doing okay at the moment. Please keep praying for me and for the doctors to figure all this out.

On another note, both of Josh's parents and my Mom are back from the Holy Land. We are so happy to have them back home! Our church took a group over to Israel and they have been gone the last 10 days. It sounded like they all had so much but they are still very glad to be back home. All the grandparents came over tonight to see the boys. Peyton loved seeing what presents they brought back for him and Parker. They got matching t-shirts and teddy bears.

Well I'm going to bed now. Good night.


sara said...

Hey Kate...I'm continuing to pray for you. I hope the doctors get a clear answer so you can get this figured out and get better.

thanks for the update.

Allison, Danny and Bentley said...

Thanks for the update, hope you get to feeling better soon!

Andrew, Courtney, Noah, & Halle said...

Hey Kate! We're praying for you down here in Georgia.
Get well very soon. You're doing a great job with those precious kiddos. Glad your family's back in town too- I know that helps!

The Slaughters said...

Still praying for you. I want to do whatever I can to help. Please let me know if you need ANYTHING.

Olivia Grace said...

We are praying for you Kate. You have really been through the ringer! Hang in there. Leslie