Sunday, December 7, 2008

Another trip to the Rock!

Friday night Shiloh beat Osceola so now we are playing in the 4A state championship game this Saturday in Little Rock! I am so proud of our players and coaches! They've had a wonderful season and we are hoping to end it with the state title for 2008. This week we will be very busy but I don't mind being so busy when it involves getting ready for the state game! Here's some pictures from last Friday night. I took most of them with my iphone and everything seemed to be happening so fast they were mostly blurry. Parker stayed home with a sitter so we could actually watch the game instead of chasing around a one year old the whole time. For Peyton, the highlight of the game was at the end when the players poured water on Josh. Peyton thought it was so funny. Saturday morning I caught him with a water bottle spraying water on Parker's head. His excuse was, "He told me he wanted to get wet like Daddy for winning the game." Hmm..., I doubt Parker said that since he can't really talk yet.

I love this next picture of Josh
kissing Peyton right after the
game. Peyton is always so
proud of him and runs directly
towards his Daddy on the field
when the game is over.


The Jordon Family said...

Great Job Josh !!! Go Saints !!!

davidcatherinewilson said...

hey kate, it's always so fun seeing people on blogger! Your boys are super cute! They are growing up so fast.