Thursday, October 30, 2008

Quick update

It's been crazy around our house the last few days but I wanted to take a minute and post a few pictures.

Here are Josh and Peyton celebrating the win over Gravette last Friday after the game. Go Saints!

The next day we took Peyton to the Razorback game while Parker stayed at Nana's house. Peyton loves the band (especially the tuba's) so at the end of the game we went and sat next to them for a few minutes. He was in heaven!

Here is Peyton with his buddy, Will. Will and his family have sat in front of us the past few seasons. Peyton and Will are only a couple months a part. They enjoy cheering the Hogs on together each home game. With their outgoing personalities they keep those around us entertained for sure!

Last weekend, Nick, Reese, and Grandma Thomas came up from Texas. We were so glad to have them here but we did miss Auntie Meredith! Here's a picture of Ronnie, Jeana and Grandma with the three grandkids.

The boys with cousin Reese!

I'll post some pictures in the next couple of days of the boys dressed up in their halloween costumes. They turned out really cute. Parker did get his stitches out by the wonderful Dr. Brent on Wednesday. He did good and it was not near as bad as when they put them in. Parker is recovering great and it doesn't look like it's going to leave much of a scar.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kate! My name is Stacey Grandstaff and I stumbled upon your blog the other day and I was so excited when I figured out who you were! My husband (T.Ray Grandstaff) knows Josh and has been really good friends with Ronnie for YEARS! We live in Edmond, OK now, but we are originally from Ft. Smith (my dad is football/track coach at Southside). Anyway, I love you blog! I don't have one, but I do have a little website - and my e-mail is

Your family is beautiful! We have 4 kids - a 10 year old son and triplets that are 4 1/2.

Just thought "what a small world" and wanted to say "hi"! :)

Take care and God bless!