Thursday, January 3, 2008

Our Christmas break

This year our Christmas break started out pretty eventfully as you read in our last post. Even after that we continued to get sick. Josh got the stomach bug (again) and I had it also. Peyton got the croup and had to be put on a steriod which made him have plenty of energy and not want to sleep much. Parker now has RSV. He is on an inhaler which is making him better but still showing slow improvement. If he's not much better by Monday then he has to be put on a steriod inhaler that he will have to stay on through April. Pray that doesn't happen. Hopefully we got all our sicknesses done with for a long time! Christmas Eve and Christmas morning were a lot of fun. God blessed us with those being the only two days in the last three weeks that one of us wasn't sick. (I'm trying to look at the positive side, can't you tell?) This Christmas Nick, Meredith, and Reese joined us. We had a blast with them! Peyton loves being around them. Christmas Eve we opened presents with Josh's parents and N, M & R. Then on Christmas morning we opened Santa presents at our house and then went to do presents with my family for lunch. We are blessed with great families and love spending time with them. Above are some pictures from the kids and their new Christmas toys. Peyton loved it this year. It was fun seeing the excitment on his face opening all of his (and Parker's) presents!

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The Ward's said...

Looks like you all had a great Christmas. Your boys are just adorable! You look great too!