Sunday, August 19, 2007

Welcome home Parker

Eleven days ago we welcomed Parker Thomas into our family. He was born nearly four weeks early. I had been having contractions for 3 days. They weren't consistent though. That was until Wednesday. That morning Josh had taken Peyton to GiGi's (Jeana) for a bit and then she dropped him off at football practice with Josh. I wasn't feeling well that morning so they were trying to let me rest. After Josh left with Peyton that morning I begin to lay down and start timing my contractions again. After an hour of that they started lasting longer and getting regular. I called the doctor's office and talked to Allison (my sweet nurse) and she said I needed to come in ASAP to see Dr. Smith. So I called Josh and gave him the update. I told him they'll probably send me home so stay at practice with Peyton and I'll call back and give him an update as soon as I see the doctor. Next, I called Mom and she insisted on leaving work to come be with me. GiGi was next at the hospital to see how everything was. Dr. Smith thought if she gave me fluids through an IV and some meds the contractions would stop. So GiGi went on to her appt. while my Mom stayed with me. However, the contractions kept getting harder and lasting longer. The fluids and med wasn't stopping them. Dr. Smith said, "We need to get this show on it's will be Parker's birthday!" So phone calls and text messaging began to get everyone in place. Josh drove up to the hosptial and dropped off Peyton to Uncle Rick, GiGi left an appt. and Ronnie began on his way too. My Dad was out of town that day. :( We missed him but kept him updated throughout the whole thing. So Parker Thomas was born via c-section (Peyton was c-section so it had to be a repeat) at 3:48pm on Wednesday, August 8th. Things were crazy that day but we were all glad we got to meet Parker early! He was 6 lbs 14 oz. Here are some pictures from the last few days. We are so blessed to have two healthy precious little boys. Thank you Jesus!

Our family

Sweet baby Parker

Peyton (22 months) with his new lil brother.
(He's so proud, can't you tell!)


Hollie said...

Hey Kate!
Your boys are adorable. I'm so happy for you guys. I started a blog a couple of months ago too. Wasn't too sure about it either but now I like it!!
Talk to you soon!

Ben and Kristen said...

welcome to the blog world Kate! I'm proud of you!