Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Peyton's Birthday Celebrations

Today is Peyton's forth birthday! It seems like he should still be my newborn baby like in this picture below. Where does time go? He doesn't act much like a toddler anymore but like such a big boy now.
Since he is in school today on his birthday we celebrated it last Saturday. And it seems like we celebrated ALL day long for him. That morning had his party at Fun City with his friends. It was so funny watching all of them interact and have a great time together. Here's Peyton about to eat a piece of his Shark cake. He was thrilled, can't you tell?
These were my instructions for his cake this year: four sharks but one of them has to be a big hammer head shark, a few little fish and one tiny boat. Well, I a local bakery was able to make it just right for him. When we went to pick it up, the lady showed the cake to Peyton and he started jumping up and down saying, "This is the perfect cake!" Can you tell I have a boy that is really into details?
Mr. Parkerman digging into his piece.
It's present time.
After Peyton's party we came home and all took little power naps. Then we went to tailgate before the Hog game with friends. Parker stayed with my Mom because the game wasn't going to get over until it late. Thanks, Nana!
We gave this Arkansas helmet to Peyton for his birthday and of course he had to bring it to the game with him.
Josh and I before the game started.
My friend, Ashley, stopped by to see us.
Tonight we are letting Peyton chose where to eat dinner. He wants Chick-fil-a but his Mommy and Daddy are trying to talk him into Abuelos. I'm pretty sure the birthday boy will win and have his way tonight. Happy Birthday, Peyton! We couldn't be more proud of you than we are. I can't wait to see what God has planned for you! We love you SO much!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Big Win, Wild Animals, and Teeth

(Yes, I know...very random title. I couldn't help it.)

Last Friday night Shiloh won a HUGE game! I've never been to a game like it. It was pretty much back and forth the whole night. We played Evangel, a team from LA, a national powerhouse. Last year they killed us but this year we came prepared. I was so nervous the whole day. And since it was a packed stadium and live on TV, Fox Sports, it made my nerves even higher. It was so much fun. Several people have said it was the best high school football game they had seen in their life. I have to agree. We won in the last few seconds of the game. I am so happy for all our players and coaches!

The coaching staff after the big win!
This is Kiehl, Josh's QB. He already has offers from Arkansas and Auburn.
Last week my Mom and I went to a local consignment store and we bought these lion and giraffe costumes. The boys love them. Madagascar is one of their favorite movies so they have been referring to each other as "Alex" and "Melman" all week. Peyton was going to be Spiderman again this Halloween but I have a feeling he might change his mind and be a lion.
The boys with Uncle Rick.

Running through Nana and Grandaddy's (my parents) yard like wild animals with Abby the dog.
Last week I took Parker to his first dental appointment. He did pretty good for the first time. Only a few tears near the end of the visit. Next week I take Peyton for his cleaning. Pray for him and I. He never enjoys the dentist and lets us all know about it. I took this picture to show Peyton it really is okay to relax instead of clinging onto me the whole time. Poor thing.