Thursday, March 19, 2009

Uncle Rick and Jessica

My brother and his girlfriend came into town this week.  Rick is attending law school in OK and is on spring break.  Jessica took some time off from her work in Little Rock.  The boys loved having them around!!  We are really looking forward to getting to spend a week with them this summer at the beach.  The count down is on! 

We love you both!  Thanks for coming to hang out with us and for the boys new toys.  They love them!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Parker's photo shoot

This morning I attended our MOPS group at church.  We had a guest speaker, Kimberlea Bass.  She is a photographer in the area and came and gave us some great tips for taking pictures of our own kids.  I am not so great at taking pictures of my boys, however, it's something I love to do.

Parker woke up early from his nap this afternoon, thanks to a stinky diaper.  So while Peyton was still "resting" I got my camera out and started snapping some shots of Parker playing on the floor with his toys.  These aren't great but it was still fun to put into practice a couple of the tips I learned today.

One of the ideas Kimberlea suggested was for us to get on the floor with our kids instead of taking them from above and always getting there heads.  Also, she told us not to always have them looking at the camera.  Action shots are always good because that is how we will remember them when they get older, not the normal, stand still and say cheese pose.

Another tip she suggested for kids, two or younger, was to peak around the camera so they can see your face and not to ask them to say cheese.  Instead say something funny (like fuzzy pickles) to get that natural smile. worked!  Look how cute my Parker boy looks in this picture!  I wish I could get him to do that outside with a better back ground...that would have been frame worthy.  I'll give it a try another day when it's not so cold outside.

However, my little smarty pants quickly turned our photo session into a game and he started acting like he was also peaking around a camera.

When Peyton woke up, he wasn't up to having pictures taken today.  So I'll post some of him soon, I promise.